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With just a couple of computers and rolls of butter paper to sketch and scribble with, DPC Pte. Ltd. started as a business partnership. D+Compose, between Jon Calma Vergara and Esther Liew in Singapore on October 2004, tucked in a living room of a one-room flat.

Team Member
Jon Calma Vergara


Team Member
Esther Liew


Though both partners shared the same interest in design, the future for D+Compose seemed superficial as they formed the business for mere passion of the art. In months after conception came the full realisation that office design did not just give pleasure to the partners but the solution for interior architecture for their clients.

Months turned to years and the potential growth of the Asian economy embarked the transformation of D+Compose to a limited liability entity, DPC Pte. Ltd., on December 2008. DPC Pte. Ltd., now with a pool of creative interior design team, is prepared to face the rapid growth; holding to their clientele’s needs and developing their design and services.

DPC Pte. Ltd., holding its own team of experienced and skillful contractors, remains ever reliable and dedicated to create the perfect working environment for their client.

DPC Pte. Ltd. expanded its network to the neighbouring countries—Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines—providing design conceptualisation and consultancy works.

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