Location : Singapore

With the growing number of travellers worldwide, booking one’s trip at a touch of the mouse is the most convenient and reliable means to get the best deal. This is where SkyScanner presents the best solution; a search engine for passenger flights, hotels and car hires. Millions of daily internet users realise this and what started as a three-man team expanded to a company of over 180 staffs.

SkyScanner Singapore, the headquarters of Asia-Pacific operations, opened in 2011 occupying half a floor at 39 Robinson Road. In 2014, the growing company needed more space thus called for a design solution. Fun, exciting, refreshing. Just a few words to describe what SkyScanner is all about and DPC Pte. Ltd. turned the office space into full realisation.

The fun begins once you step out of the lift lobby, leading one to an inviting main reception. A coffee nook welcomes everyone at the open concept holding area. “Buzzy Booths” and Framery Phone Booths sprawl the 17,000 sq.ft. office, for those who need solitude at work, while collaboration meeting points offer free discussion and brainstorming amongst work group. Meeting rooms are named and themed to different regions in Asia-Pacific, colours matching its identity and details. DPC Pte. Ltd. assured that not one corner of the office is but fun, bringing the working environment of SkyScanner come to life.


Meeting Rooms

Each representing its own identity, meeting rooms are both functional and unique; the names, colour themes and graphic wall representations have much to say about the particular place the room is named after. Catering for a bigger group of people, the meeting room offers much needed sound proofing and connectivity for conference calls and discussions.


Buzzi Booths

An office space away from your desk. Buzzi booths gives you a change of environment you need especially for video calls and one-on-one discussions. Equipped with sound proof walls and ceilings, a monitor and soothing ambient lighting, this station is just plug-and-play and conveniently at one’s disposal.


Phone Booths

A piece of art by itself, standing tall are phone booths randomly situated within the office. These units serve well for totally sound insulated conversations without being claustrophobic; the clear glass panels serve to give an open horizon.


Coffee Areas

Coffee areas strategically situated in all floors, for unrestricted access to all staff, be it on their desks or meeting rooms.

The vibrant colours of the walls, cabinetries and floor are carefully thought of to create an atmosphere of fun and interest in the office.


Break Out Area

As the Asia-Pacific headquarters, Singapore is well-represented in this forest-themed laid back corner. The iconic Super Trees replicated overshadowing the “cocoons” where one can have a privacy of taking a short break.

The break out area does not run out of fun things to do; for the gym buff, punching bag, pull-up bars and resistance bands for stretching are readily available. Table tennis, darts and game boards for more group interaction and fun are catered for to distressing.